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COVID-19 Information & Resources

The links and resources on this page have been collated to assist members and stakeholders in adapting to the changes as a result of the novel-coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thanks to those who have provided the following information resources, please contact us if you have any information or training to share with AOD sector.

What APSAD is doing
Following advice and recommendations from the Australian and New Zealand/Aotearoa Governments for social distancing, we're postponing the annual conference to 7-10 Nov. 2021, moving to live streaming for education, events and the General Meetings for the foreseeable future.

All society meetings will be held virtually through Zoom. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.




Interim guidance for the delivery of medication assisted treatment of opioid dependence in response to COVID-19: A national response

This document aims to provide guidance to clinicians in how to adapt treatment during this major transition. It should be read alongside state and territory guidance issued in response to COVID-19, recognising that many jurisdictions are at different stages of response, and also that many of the communications from government authorities relate to regulatory or guideline changes, rather than focussing on aspects of clinical care. To the extent of any inconsistency, directions from Health departments in local jurisdictions take precedence over recommendations in this document.


COVID-19 and your Opioid Treatment Program

COVID-19 and Harm Reduction

COVID-19 and NSP

NUAA's Consumer Guides to Opioid Treatment Programs

Federal Governments

Australian Department of Health COVID-19 Information

GP Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mailing list

New Zealand Ministry of Health COVID-19 Information

State Governments

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Supporting Australia’s healthcare professionals with continually updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines.

Pandemic Kindness Movement

The Pandemic Kindness Movement was created by clinicians across Australia, working together to support all health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have curated respected, evidence-informed resources and links to valuable services to support the wellbeing of the health workforce.

The Australians’ Drug Use: Adapting to Pandemic Threats (ADAPT) Study aims to explore the short term and long term-impacts of the COVID pandemic on Australians who use illicit drugs. This is an important, Australian-focused, piece of research which will hopefully provide AIVL, its member organisations and the broader sector with insights into the impacts on and needs of people who use drugs during this unprecedented time.

The survey is now live online:


COVID-19 AOD Resources

Illicit drug use and harms in Australia in the context of COVID ‐19 and associated restrictions: Anticipated consequences and initial responses

Alcohol use in times of the COVID 19: Implications for monitoring and policy
Accessibility of ‘essential’ alcohol in the time of COVID ‐19: Casting light on the blind spots of licensing?
The below brief report assesses a method of treating alcohol and other drug clients over the phone, noting that this is relevant during the pandemic:

Assessing the validity of the Australian Treatment Outcomes Profile for telephone administration in drug health treatment populations
Full accessed to view the above links is through the APSAD website by logging in, going to the Member's Area menu and selecting 'DAR Online Access'