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FSD DAY LOGO 250International Family Drug Support Day 2020

Events are being held around the country to mark the International Family Drug Support Day in February 2020

When clinicians, politicians and media talk about drug and alcohol issues affecting our communities they often raise the importance of assisting, supporting and engaging more with families.

Unfortunately for many families, the reality is much different.

Behind every statistic of a drug-related overdose death, arrest or hospitalisation there is a family suffering the pain. All too often in a cloud of stigma and shame.

The 1st National Family Drug Support Day was held on the 24th February 2016 – the anniversary of the passing of Damien Trimingham from a drug-related overdose - will become an annual event to highlight the need for families to not only be recognised and heard but to be supported and encouraged to speak about their concerns and their needs.

The objectives of International Family Drug Support Day 2020 are:

  1. Reducing shame, stigma and discrimination for families
  2. Promoting support services for families and friends affected by drug use
  3. Promoting harm reduction strategies to keep people safe, including heroin prescription, pill testing and decriminalisation of the use of drugs

As well as highlighting:

  • The importance of volunteers in providing family support across Australia
  • Reducing fatal and non-fatal overdoses and other critical incidences as a result of drug use
  • Promoting greater support and resources for treatment services
  • How by giving people support and education can help families develop skills and strategies to deal with issues arising from drug use
  • Promoting greater support and resources for treatment services
  • Promoting a commitment to genuine drug policy reform

Events are being held in the following cities, please check our website or click on the Event Brite to register your interest;

Brisbane 20th February 10.30 am

Adelaide 24th February 10.30 am

Melbourne 24th February 10.30 am

Canberra 24th February 12 pm

Rockhampton 25th February 10 am

Sydney 25th February 6 pm

There may be more international events please check the website