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ASCP bannerWhat is new in the second edition of Supporting Smoking Cessation: A Guide for Health Professionals?

12:00 (AEDT) 25th February 2020

Presenter: Professor Nicholas Zwar, Bond University and Chair of Expert Advisory Group for the publication

The second edition of this publication from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners was released on 28 January 2020 after a long process of review and discussion. The new edition has a number of substantive changes, including the incorporation of a brief intervention three step structure (Ask, Advise, Help) and a range of changes to recommendations for use of smoking cessation pharmacotherapies. The publication also includes recommendations around the role of nicotine containing e-cigarettes in assisting smoking cessation. These recommendations have attracted considerable attention.

The presentation will cover the process undertaken for producing the new edition, the key changes in recommendations and the literature review and rationale behind these recommendations.

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