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Naloxone Webinar presented Nick Lintzeris

 This webinar will give you the information, the confidence and the tools to start prescribing now.

Background to extended distribution of naloxone including historical, international and national context, as well as legal/prescribing issues.
Naloxone is a well-known and long used medication to reverse effects of opiates in the event of overdose. Yet Australia lags in making this life saving drug more widely available. While scheduling change may be one longer term option, we must not let this further delay extended availability.


About our presenter
A/Prof Nicholas Lintzeris is the Director Drug & Alcohol Services, SESLHD (Sydney, Australia) and Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist for NSW Health. He is a Foundation Fellow of the Chapter of Addiction Medicine, was awarded his PhD in 2002 from the Australian National University, and completed a NHMRC Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Institute of Psychiatry and South London Maudsley NHS Trust (2002-6).
Nicholas Lintzeris has worked in the field of Addiction Medicine for over 20 years in Melbourne, Sydney and London in clinical, research and policy roles. A key focus has been the treatment of opioid dependence, contributing to National Clinical Guidelines, systematic reviews and leading several randomised controlled trials of opioid pharmacotherapies, including methadone, buprenorphine, diamorphine and LAAM.
Since returning to Australia in 2006, a particular focus of his work has been the development of treatment and policy responses to the misuse of pharmaceutical opioids, an increasing problem in Australia over this time.
He has published over 80 peer review journal papers and book chapters, and is a chief investigator in several longitudinal cohort studies of pharmaceutical opioid users.

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