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Current Webinars 

Smoking Cessation Framework for NSW Health
Presenter:  Gemma Hernshaw
Portfolio Manager, Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation from The Cancer Institute of NSW 

Gemma will present the Framework for NSW Health Services in smoking cessation health care delivery. This is a collaborative initiative to support local health districts to better manage and implement smoking cessation initiatives.
When: Tuesday 25th September 2018, at 12:00 PM (Noon) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Eastern Australian time for approximately 1 hour.
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This webinar is hosted by Zoom
Note; You should be able to join this webinar from your computer, tablet or smartphone if you have direct access to the internet.  It will involve a once off download of a small Zoom program/application. If you want to join from within your organisation’s intranet you may need your IT department’s approval to download the Zoom program/application. Do allow time for this prior to joining the webinar.

Previous Webinar Recordings 

What makes an effective smoking cessation counsellor?
Who do you need to be to help people quit? This Webinar will cover the essential evidence-based characteristics of a successful smoking cessation counsellor or a tobacco treatment specialist.
Presenter:  Renee Bittoun | Click here to view this webinar. 


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