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2019 ASCP Webinar Schedule: 

Further details will be announced in the new year. Webinar times 12 pm - 1 pm (AEDT) 
29 Jan
26 Feb
26 Mar
April TBC
Anke Van den Sterren 
 Researcher And Program Manager, Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drug Association ACT 
Dr Rodrigo Ramalho 
Professional Teaching Fellow, University Of Auckland 
 Ms Eliza Skelton 
Research Academic, The University of Newcastle
Prof Robert West
 Health Behaviour Research Centre Department of Epidemiology and Public Health University College London

 Previous webinar

October 2018 
Cytisine for Smoking Cessation

The recording for this webinar will be available in the coming weeks. 

Presenter:  Dr Ryan Courtney

Dr Courtney is a National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Fellow at UNSW, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre 

This presentation will critique the current evidence related to the effectiveness and safety of cytisine for smoking cessation.

Previous Webinars - Recordings

September 2018
Smoking Cessation Framework for NSW Health

Gemma presents the Framework for NSW Health Services in smoking cessation health care delivery. This is a collaborative initiative to support local health districts to better manage and implement smoking cessation initiatives.

Presenter:  Gemma Hemshaw | Click here to view this webinar. 

August 2018
What makes an effective smoking cessation counsellor?

Who do you need to be to help people quit? This Webinar will cover the essential evidence-based characteristics of a successful smoking cessation counsellor or a tobacco treatment specialist.
Presenter:  Renee Bittoun | Click here to view this webinar. 

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