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APSAD Awards for Excellence in Science, Research & Practice

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APSAD Awards for Excellence in Science, Research, & Practice

2019 APSAD Award Winners

The 2022 Annual Awards for Excellence in Science, Research, & Practice were presented in Darwin at the 41st  APSAD Conference on 9-12 October 2022. Details for the winners and highlights can be found here

Australia's leading multidisciplinary organisation for professionals involved in the drug and alcohol field, these prestigious Awards are our unique celebration of the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals and teams who provide devoted and unstinting service to their communities in diverse fields and go unrecognised.

Acknowledging dedication and excellence in our sector is a key part of the APSAD Awards and encouraging future generations of great researchers and clinicians.

The Awards are nominated by APSAD members and decided by the APSAD Awards Committee. 

Nominations for the 2023 APSAD Awards will open in June (2023)

All seven APSAD Awards reflect excellence in the application of theory, knowledge and practice to any aspect of drug and alcohol use.

The focus of the Awards:

The Early Career Award is for excellence in research relative to career opportunities.

The Mid Career Award is for significant contribution in the alcohol and other drug field.

The Senior Scientist Award is for a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of substance use.

The First Peoples Award recognises an individual that has made an important contribution to the advancement of the health of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori peoples.

The Clinician Award recognises excellence and leadership in clinical practice in the field of substance use in any discipline.

The Mentor Award recognises an individual who has made an important contribution to mentoring and supporting the career development of clinicians, researchers or students.

The Advocacy Award recognises the outstanding impact by an individual or a team in the alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs sector who works in the policy and/or advocacy area.

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