The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

Smoking Cessation Professionals

Special Interest Group


  • Louise Ross, Cancer Institute NSW
  • Nick Zwar, Bond University

The aim of this special interest group is the promotion of optimal smoking cessation practice in Australasia by trained health professionals incorporating evidence-based practice with an ongoing learning objective.

Objectives of the Smoking Cessation Professionals - Special Interest Group (ASCP-SIG)

  1. Promote smoking cessation by the sharing of smoking cessation strategies.
  2. Increase the number of accredited professionals involved in smoking cessation practice, particularly in health care facilities.
  3. Provide a shared forum for those health professionals working in the area of smoking cessation.
  4. Attain and maintain high standards of practice by the membership.
  5. Become a primary referral body for smoking cessation policy.


  1. Provision of an educational forum for members in the area of smoking cessation practice - annual information day and webinars.
  2. Maintain a database of practising professional members as a referral source.
  3. Communicate and disseminate information by electronic media or mail as available to the membership.
  4. Provide a resource of current guidelines for smoking cessation practice and other informational resources as available.
  5. Increase public awareness of the availability of smoking cessation professionals.

What is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist?

A Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) is a professional who possesses the skills, knowledge and training to provide effective, evidence-based interventions, research, health promotion and policy for tobacco dependence across a range of intensities. The TTS may be a psychologist, general practitioner, pharmacist, nurse, researcher, or drug and alcohol counsellor and may work in hospitals, community health centres, medical and dental practices, smoking clinics, telephone quitlines, drug and alcohol treatment programs and mental health centres. The TTS may engage not only in providing treatment but also in education and research activities about tobacco dependence.

What are the Benefits of Tobacco Treatment Specialist Registration?

Accreditation entitles you to:

  • Inclusion in the online Tobacco Treatment Specialist Finder, so smokers and health professionals can find you.
  • Free subscription to the Journal of Smoking Cessation.
  • Monthly webinar presentations.
  • Networking opportunities with access to the APSAD Smoking Cessation Listerv that will get you in touch with other tobacco treatment specialists to discuss smoking cessation related topics.
  • Information about courses, conferences and health promotion events.
  • Plus all other APSAD membership benefits.

Standards for Accreditation as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist

The following criteria must be met for this category:

  • A current registered qualification in nursing/ medicine/ pharmacy/ AOD/ physiotherapy/ psychology/ health education or relevant qualifications as deemed suitable by the committee.
  • A minimum of 1 year’s work in the field of smoking cessation.
  • Work a minimum of 4 hours of smoking cessation-related work per week.
  • Successful completion of a smoking cessation training course.

The Smoking Cessation Professionals Special Interest Group recognises the RACGP Smoking cessation guidelines for Australian general practice

RACGP Smoking cessation guideline for Australian general practice

Become a Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Tobacco Treatment Specialists are approved by the ASCP-SIG in accordance with Membership Application Guidelines. To join become an APSAD member.


Hosted by A/Prof Renee Bittoun, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Adjunct Associate Professor Medical School, University of Notre Dame Australia along with other experts in the field of smoking cessation. A/Prof Bittoun has been teaching this course for over 15 years, regularly updating the content and has many years of experience in clinical practice and professional training regarding smoking cessation.

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Course Dates in 2020

  • 24 - 26 March
  • 22 - 24 June
  • 22 - 24 September

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Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
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