The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

ASCP Listserv

The Smoking Cessation Professionals Special Interest Group Listserv has been set up for discussions, questions, information sharing, and support for smoking cessation professionals in APSAD.

APSAD has extablished this listserv to facilitate communication, and the sharing of information between members. The Listserv is confidential to APSAD members only, posts should not be shared beyond the Listserv.

This Listserv is not moderated and messages posted represent only the views of the individuals posting. APSAD does not endorse the accuracy of any "statements"

Members should familiarise themselves with the ASCP-SIG Listserv Standards of Conduct before posting, and ensure the Standards are followed.

Members can opt out of the listserv at any time by clicking the 'opt-out' link at the end of every listserv email.