The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

ECR paper DAR Award

APSAD Early Career Researcher Award for most cited paper in the Drug and Alcohol Review.

The new annual award is for the most cited APSAD Early Career Researcher (ECR) member’s paper in Drug and Alcohol Review (DAR), to be administered by the APSAD ECR committee based on publication metrics, provided by DAR.

The award is recognition only (no monetary value), providing a measure of esteem that can be used for ECR career development- a great addition to your CV!


A certificate will be presented at the APSAD networking event (emailed to the winner if they are not in attendance at the APSAD conference);


The Award is in the form of a printed / PDF certificate


‘Drug and Alcohol Review Most Cited ECR paper for 2015-16)’ reflecting citations in the period leading up to the most recent impact factor (i.e., in 2018 an award would be given for the most cited paper contributing to the 2017 impact factor).



  • Current APSAD Member;
  • First author on the paper;
  • Meets APSAD ECR criteria for ECR award at the time of publication (not more than 5 years post last postgraduate degree and have been working in the field as a researcher or scientist for less than 10 years, career disruptions excluded);
  • Paper is an original report, brief report or comprehensive review (i.e., not letters/commentaries)



Annually at the APSAD Conference ECR networking event.

Basis for Judging

Most cited paper in the previous two years impact factor period (based on ranked list of papers provided by Wiley)[1]

Selection Process

Winner identified from Wiley reports prepared prior to the annual APSAD Conference held in November> Eligibility determined by a database of APSAD ECR Members (collated by the APSAD ECR committee).



[1] Note that this is chosen as it can be determined based on existing reports from the DAR publisher