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Journal of Smoking Cessation

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journal of smoking cessation

ISSN: 1834-2612 (Online)

Editor: Renee Bittoun University of Notre Dame, Australia

Editorial Board

Journal of Smoking Cessation is the world's only publication devoted exclusively to the treatment of smoking cessation. The journal is targeted specifically to the area of smoking cessation at the "grass-roots" level, focusing on observational studies that have practical implications for those assisting smokers to quit. It is a high quality peer-reviewed publication with an international editorial board that has itself wide experience in the field of smoking cessation.


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Strategic Plan

APSAD 2017-2019 Strategic Plan

The APSAD 2 year planning cycle coincides with the 2-year terms of APSAD Presidency. This Strategic Plan covers the period until November 2019. In July/August 2019, a new Strategic Plan will be developed for the period November 2019 to November 2021.

APSAD in 2017-2019

Over the next two years, APSAD will remain the pre-eminent professional society in the alcohol, tobacco and other drug field. It will build on its existing strengths and concentrate its efforts in the following five priority areas with the aim of contributing to strong alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Membership services
  • Workforce development / Professional discipline support
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Stakeholder Engagement, and
  • Corporate Governance


To reduce alcohol and other drug related harm by;

  1. providing professional disciplinary support and workforce development to all practitioners and researchers working in the alcohol, tobacco and other drug field, and
  2. contributing to policy debate and advocating for evidence-informed policy and practice on alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues.


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The APSAD AGM is held each year during the annual Conference.


When: Tuesday 12 November 2019
Where:   Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart


If you are unable to attend the AGM you may appoint one person to attend and vote at the meeting as the member's proxy. Proxies may only be appointed by returning the Proxy Form (download the proxy form) viaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Post: APSAD AGM - PO Box R1014, Royal Exchange NSW 1225

 You may appoint the Chairman as your proxy or your own proxy. A proxy need not be a member. The Proxy Form must be signed by the member or an attorney duly authorised in writing.


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