The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs

An important role of APSAD is to contribute to the national dialogue about Alcohol and Other Drugs. As part of that role, APSAD’s Council has committed to developing a number of Policy Briefs on issues effecting Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Australia.

The first Policy Brief on investment in Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Australia comes at a time when there are clear needs across the country. 

APSAD would like thank those members who provided feedback.

Members are encouraged to share the Policy Brief among their networks.

APSAD will develop other Policy Briefs in the future in order to further add our voice to debates about alcohol and other drugs.

We welcome the involvement of any APSAD members in the construction of subsequent papers.


The Pressing Need for More and Better Investment in Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services in Australia - Revised version: 17 April 2019


Regulating Digital Ordering and Home Delivery of Alcohol in the Interests of Public Health and Welfare - Created: 06 Dec 2022