The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs

Date & Time: 01:00 pm Wed. 03 Apr 2024

Penington Institute invites you to join us for a discussion featuring an expert panel on the trial of short-acting injectable opioid treatment – IV hydromorphone.

Supervised Injectable Opioid Treatment is a proven intervention designed for individuals with opioid dependence when conventional treatments have not been effective. Research highlights its success in reducing illicit opioid use, curbing crime rates, and enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

Despite its benefits, injectable hydromorphone treatment remains a topic of controversy.

Uniting NSW. ACT, UNSW, and St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, partnered on this initiative to evaluate the acceptability of injectable hydromorphone within an Australian context.

Do the results pave the way for a significant shift? Our expert panel will discuss various aspects of the trial, including its unique features, feasibility challenges, and potential pathways for future expansion.

Expert panel:

  • Dr Craig Rogers, Senior Staff Specialist, Alcohol and Drug Service, St Vincents Hospital (Sydney)
  • Maureen Steel, Consumer participation worker, St Vincents Hospital (Sydney)
  • Anna McVinish, Clinical Nurse Consultant, St Vincents Hospital (Sydney)
  • Dr Jake Rance, Research Fellow, University of New South Wales

The panel discussion will be facilitated by our Senior Research Officer, Dr Jake Dizard. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover more about this unique trial.

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