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APSAD’s media release regarding the defunding of ADCA

MEDIA RELEASE 27 November 2013
Professional body representing alcohol and other drugs sector urges government not to abandon vital services in drastic funding cut.
The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol & other Drugs (APSAD) has expressed strong disappointment at the Commonwealth government’s decision, announced yesterday, to discontinue funding for the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA).
APSAD is the Asia Pacific's leading multidisciplinary organisation for professionals involved in the alcohol and other drug field including health professionals, researchers and frontline clinicians from major universities, research institutes, treatment facilities and healthcare agencies.
APSAD President Dr Rose Neild said the news of ADCA’s de-funding and voluntary administration was an unwelcome shock to the sector.
“As the peak national body for non-governmental agencies working to reduce problems from alcohol and other drugs, ADCA played an important role in bringing the experience and knowledge of agencies and professionals to bear on treatment and prevention policies and their implementation across Australia,” Dr Neild said.
“ADCA’s National Drug Sector Information Service, run with resources from the federal government, has been the primary resource for agencies and workers in the field concerning the relevant clinical and research literatures which form the basis of evidence-based practice and policy.
“APSAD considers that these two functions must continue to be filled, and urges the Commonwealth government to continue to provide resources for these functions.”
News of the government’s decision came as 500 alcohol and other drug experts from around the country and overseas gather in Brisbane at APSAD 2013, Australasia’s largest and most comprehensive annual summit on alcohol and other drugs.
APSAD is dedicated to increasing the profile of the issues related to the use of alcohol and other drugs, through the dissemination of information from the wide range of professions involved in this field. In addition, we strive to promote improved standards in clinical practice and in research into this and allied subjects. It also provides a network of drug and alcohol professionals in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.
APSAD is dedicated to:
• promoting evidence-based improvements in the treatment and prevention of drug and alcohol-related problems
• raising awareness about the problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs
• promoting best standards in research in the drug and alcohol field
• providing development and support to professionals working in the drug and alcohol field.
For further information visit Dr Rose Neild is available for interview.
Please contact:
Carol Moore, Moore Public Relations
02 9560 2826, 0402 382 363, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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2017 APSAD Award winners


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on behalf of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA)



On October 8, 2012, thirteen of world’s largest alcohol producers issued a set of commitments to reduce the harmful use of alcohol worldwide.  The commitments were issued in support of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol.

As an independent coalition of public health professionals, health scientists and NGO representatives, we have written a public letter that is addressed to the WHO Director General in response to the recent initiatives of the global alcohol producers. Based on their lack of support for effective alcohol policies, their misinterpretation of the Global Strategy’s provisions, and their lobbying against effective public health measures, we believe that the alcohol industry’s inappropriate commitments must be met with a united response from global health community.They are now asking qualified professionals throughout the world to review the attached Statement of Concern, and indicate their endorsement.



2012 Conference Poster & Late Breakers Winners

The calibre for this year’s Poster Session at the APSAD annual conference was outstanding with all disciplines from research to clinical being well represented.  APSAD would like to give thanks and acknowledge the Poster Tour Guides who generously gave up their time to take delegates on guided tours of the Poster Session.

Thank you to the Poster Session Tour Guides!

Jan Copeland
Alison Ritter
Robert West
John Marsden
Kypros Kypri
Leanne Hides
Robin Room
Congratulations to all the winners from the Poster Session!
Special mention and thank you to the Poster judges Alison Ritter, John Marsden, and Robert West.

  • Poster Prize Winner: Peter Miller & Nic Droste
  •  Runner Up: Angela Rintoul
Honourable Mentions
Rachel M Deacon
Alex Grove
Qian Wang
Kevin Foreman
David Allsop


Late Breaker Prize Winner
Joseph Van Buskirk


Runners up
Katherine McLachlan
Petra Staiger



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